Bathroom lights are one of the most important lighting in a home. These lights need to be bright enough to provide sufficient illumination for safety, as well as those tasks where being able to see clearly is important.

Another important feature of Moorish bathroom lights is that they need to be better able to tolerate moisture, steam, and condensation than lights typically found elsewhere.

As with other rooms in the house, it's best not to rely on a single central light source, as you'll be losing something in the process if you do. Unfortunately many homes are designed that way, but yours can be different.

What you need is one good powerful flush pendant light source that will provide very bright light when it's needed. You can also add a second layer of lighting with some softer toned wall lights, strategically placed,ideal for a relaxing bath or even a little bathroom romance. Finally top it off with so-called vanity lights around your mirror so you can focus on those intricate tasks like applying makeup or shaving.

Additional bathroom lighting ideas include under-cabinet lights, which can also function as low-intensity nightlights, so you're not jolted instantly awake if you're for some reason making nocturnal bathroom visits. Sometimes it's good to be able to get back to sleep easily, which is not going to happen if you're blasting your retinas with a gigawatt of industrial strength lighting power.

Don't think that just because they're bathroom lights you can't create a beautiful décor. Done properly, a bathroom can be aesthetically pleasing and even therapeutic.

Within the Moorish Architectural Design range of bathroom lighting, you will find plenty of inspired design styles to choose from. The choice you make should be appropriate for the style of bathroom fixtures.

Classic designs will create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom, but for truly best results with these, you'll also need to give the rest of the bathroom a classic vintage styling. Modern lighting designs fit in very nicely with bathrooms that have been designed for a really modern look.

Fortunately you'll find all kinds at Moorish Architectural Design Lighting, so there's certain to be something that is perfect for your bathroom within our Moorish lighting collection.

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